Our school chapel service features hymns and a sermonette (brief message) for the children. Children often lead the chapel service and parents and guests are always invited to attend. The opportunity of sharing gifts with the Lord is given through the offering. We have a already determined where chapel offerings will be sent to throughout the upcoming school year based on this schedule. 

Students are required to attend chapel each week and encouraged to dress up. The Bible is used not only for instructions in the Christian religion but also the basis for motivation and discipline. God's Word influences everything the children learn, and it is the unifying force in the school.

Chapel Schedule 21-22Special NotesLeaderMission Project
August 12, 2021Thursday/ 1st Day @ 11:00 a.m.Pastor MikeLiving Water Rescue Mission
August 18, 2021Pastor Ben K.
August 25, 2021Pastor Ben F.
September 1, 2021Pastor Mau
September 8, 2021Pastor Mike
September 15, 2021Pastor Meyer
September 22, 2021Pastor MikeOperation Christmas Child
September 29, 2021Pastor Ben K.
October 6, 20212nd Grade
October 13, 20218th Grade
October 20, 2021Pastor Ben F.
October 27, 2021Reformation4th Grade
November 3, 2021Pastor MauMission Central
November 10, 2021Gary Theis (Mission Central)
November 17, 20217th Grade
December 1, 2021Pastor Ben F.
December 8, 20213rd Grade
December 15, 2021Pastor Mike
January 5, 2022Pastor Ben K.Hearts for Jesus 2021-2022 - World Mission
January 12, 2022Pastor Ben. F.
January 19, 20226th Grade
January 26, 2022National Lutheran Schools WeekKindergarten
February 2, 2022Camp LutherCamp Luther
February 9, 2022Pastor Mau
February 16, 2022Pastor Mike
February 23, 20225th Grade
March 2, 2022Pastor Ben K.York Crisis Pregnancy Center
March 9, 2022Pastor Ben F.
March 16, 2022Pastor Mike
March 23, 2022Pastor Meyer
March 30, 20221st Grade
April 6, 2022Lutheran Bible TranslatorsLutheran Bible Translators
April 13, 2022Pastor Mike
April 20, 2022Pastor Ben K.
April 27, 2022Pastor Ben F.
May 4, 2022Pastor Mike
May 11. 2022Last ChapelPastor Ben K.
May 17, 2022 (Closing Service)6:30 PMPastor Ben F.