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Nut Safe Policy Guide

Here is a list of non-food items that could be considered in place of food items for parties/birthdays, etc.
- pens, pencils, erasers, stickers, etc.

FACTS Management and Parents Web

We use FACTS for our tuition collection, financial aid assessment and distribution as well as our Student Information System. Click the link below and choose either "FACTS Family Portal/(ParentsWeb)" to access ParentsWeb or "Payment Plans/Financial Aid" to access your Tuition Account

Volunteer Driver Form and Handbook Signature

A volunteer driver transporting students  on school-sponsored trips must have this form on file in the office. Please bring a copy of your current insurance information and driver's license when  you turn it in.

Volunteer Handbook

Please review this information before you sign the Volunteer Driver Form.

Physical Form

Kindergarten and 7th Grade Physical Form


First Aid and Pain Relievers at School

A few Over the Counter medications are kept on hand at Emmanuel-Faith for students. Tums, Calamine Lotion, Hydrocortisone (anti-itch) cream, and a generic Antibiotic Ointment. These will be given to students who come to the office with upset stomachs, itches and scrapes, etc.

The school also has a small supply of Ibuprofen (Advil) and Acetaminophen (Tylenol) on hand. These can only be given to students with a signed permission slip on file. Please read and sign the form linked below if you'd like your child to receive either of these two medications at school.


Other Over the Counter and/or Prescription Medications at School

Sometimes it is necessary for a student to take other medications during school hours. Please read and fill out the form below.


Asthma and Severe Allergies  at School

The safety and health of each student is important to us! If your child carries an inhaler, an EpiPen or other similar medical equipment at school or has a life-threatening allergy, we ask that the following forms be reviewed and filled out each year.  There is a space for your child's Physician to sign so make sure that you take it with you to your yearly check ups!


Parent Handbook

Rules and Guidelines for Parents and Students at Emmanuel-Faith

Updated July 28, 2021

Open Notebook

Counseling Services

York Area Counseling Services

Pastoral Counseling is available via our Sponsoring Congregations

Emmanuel Lutheran - 402-362-3655

Pastor Mike Neidow or

Pastor Ben Kaiser

Faith Lutheran - 402-362-3000

Pastor Ben Fransisco

Blue Valley Behavioral Health


Family First Counseling


Lemke-Michels Psychotherapy


Premier Psychiatric (York Specialty Clinic)


Health & Human Services


(You can make a self-referral to request assistance)

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