Away in a Mango

by Kerrigan Cool, Brianna Gillespie, and Owen Hoffman 

Traveling from Christmas Island on a ship called the SS Mango?  Stranded on a dessert island?  What could go wrong?

Mayhem ensues, as the travelers get hunger, thirsty and scared.  Mangoes, coconuts, fish and fresh water calm their concerns, while they begin building their shelter, only to meet Johnny Coconut, long time stranded resident.  "I started doing a gift exchange a few years back but I kept getting the same thing every year so I stopped," said Johnny Coconut, who believe God has forgot about him, due to his bad behavior.

The shipwrecked travelers work to restore his faith, teaching him that Jesus came to Earth to save him!  Join the students of Emmanuel-Faith Lutheran School as they tell the story of Johnny Coconut and his faith journey.  The show starts at 2 pm and 7 pm on Thursday, December 19 in the Emmanuel-Faith school gym.


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