Mysterious octagon on the playground

By Maleigha, Brianna, Sam, Kerrigan, Owen, and Josephine

Have you seen the new gaga pit?  What is a gaga pit?  It's a large, wooden octagon pit used for playing gaga ball, where you hit the ball, with your hands, toward other players, hitting them below the hip.  The goal of the game is to be the last one standing - the last person to be touched by the ball in the gaga pit.

Students in grades K - 8 are enjoying time with the pit, with lines of students waiting for a turn in the pit.  Funds for the pit were raised through the 2018 Believe Auction. The Student Leadership Team made this activity a priority, meeting with both the school board and the Emmanuel trustees.  The pit was completed in August, with a local family building it in the Emmanuel-Faith playground.

Under Construction!

“It’s pretty fun!” according to Owen Hoffman.  He first played gaga ball two months ago at a family reunion and was excited to see it on the playground. “It’s fun to hit (the ball); I really like it,” said Andrew Trampe. “I like it;  I like how the kids enjoy it and use it thoroughly,'' said Seth Staehr. Mrs. Smith enjoys watching the kids have fun and how much they enjoy it. Chole Koch likes the competitive nature of the game.  

If you haven’t played gaga ball, stop by and try out the game!

Emmanuel-Faith students enjoying an intense game of gaga ball

* This article was written by students in the school newsletter After School Club.

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