Trouble - and a hero to the rescue!

by Kerrigan Cool, Josephine Turnbull, Owen Hoffman, Brianna Gillespie and Maliegha Scamehorn

Shouts of, "the toilets are flooding" could be heard throughout the hallway and 4th grade classroom on Tuesday, as the upstairs boys bathroom overflowed.  

Clayton Branz was one of several boys who saw the toilet overflowing.  "I shouted, evacuate the boys bathroom immediately," said Clayton.

Keaton Sorgenfrei also looked behind and saw the flooding.  

Mr. Seth Staehr, hero custodian, quickly remedied the problem.  My first thought was, Mr. Staehr said, was "we need to stop the flooding or it could spread to the whole school.  Second thought, who did it?  Third, now I have to clean this up - but first I have to fix it."  

We are thankful for quick eyed boys and an amazing custodian.  And now, we hope there are no more shouts through the hallway!

Owen Hoffman fears the overflowing toilet.

Owen presents our Hero Custodian, Seth Staehr.

* This article was written by students in the school newsletter After School Club.

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