Statement of Goals for Students and Teachers

Building Disciples of Christ through Faith-based Education

Spiritual - Acquire a thorough knowledge of God and His Word to:

  • Recognize his or her sin and the need for salvation

  • Trust Jesus as the only salvation from sin

  • Rely upon God for spiritual blessings

  • Lead a sanctified life and lead others to Jesus

Intellectual - Acquire thorough academic knowledge and skills to:​

  • Develop an inquiring mind and independent thinking

  • Cultivate desirable and useful work and study habits

  • Evaluate human knowledge in the light of what God says in the Bible

Physical - Regard his or her body as the temple of the Holy Spirit to:​

  • Understand the body and accept responsibility for health, safety, and recreation

  • Properly use his or her body to serve God and society

  • Acquire and maintain desirable physical skills

Social - Respect under God the authority of home, school, church, state and nation to:

  • Develop social skills necessary to live as a competent and creative Christian

  • Respect the God-given rights and privileges of others

  • Recognize others' needs, happiness, and welfare

Emotional - Reflect the Savior's love to others to:​

  • Grow in understanding and practice self-control

  • Develop a sense of personal worth and an awareness of the worth of others

  • Seek and rely upon God for guidance, mercy and grace

Aesthetic - Appreciate the wonders of God's creation to:

  • Acquire an appreciation of his or her cultural heritage

  • Develop appreciation and expression in the fine arts