appreciation week

Please join us next week in showing our appreciation to all our wonderful teachers and staff at Emmanuel-Faith and Little Blessings. 

For Wednesday, here's a list of our teacher's favorite colors:

Miss Libby (preschool) - Black
Mrs. Stutzman (kindergarten) - Aqua
Mrs. Haug (1st grade) - Blue
Mrs. Rasmussen (2nd grade) - Turquoise
Miss Salcedo (3rd grade) - Blue
Mrs. Meyer (4th grade) - Red
Mr. Staehr (5th grade) - Blue
Mrs. Staehr (6th grade) - Green
Mrs. Cradick (7th grade) - Yellow
Miss Steider (8th grade) - Purple

If you have any other questions about your teacher's "favorites" please be sure to call or email the school office for suggestions or ideas! If you want to buy a gift card, be sure to grab a card from the school office as a part of our RaiseRight fundraiser since it also supports the school! 

We are looking forward to seeing all the creative ways our families and students will help us celebrate our amazing staff!!

-Emmanuel PTL Officers