The volleyball season is not far away!  The organizational meeting will be held after the Emmanuel-Faith School Open House on Monday, August 14. We will review schedules, team rules and communication for the upcoming season.  

The following individuals are eligible to play for the church league team (reminder, this is NOT a school team). The teams we play are typically made up of 5-8 grade students.

1. Any member of the congregation of Emmanuel or Faith;

2. Any student who attends Emmanuel-Faith Lutheran School;

3. Any home school student.

If a student who is a congregant of either church but attends a public school, he/she is eligible to play provided they do not not play for the public school.  Participation on a club team (even if practice is at a public school) does not preclude a student from playing for our team.

Anyone playing needs a sports physical conducted within the last year with verification the individual is cleared for participation.  This must be submitted to me BEFORE the first practice so please plan ahead.  The coaches will set the first practice at the organizational meeting, but traditionally it's been in the first or second week of school.

2023 Volleyball

Finally, here is the link to the apparel for this season.  https://emfvolleyball23.spiritsale.com/

This link is active until August 17 so the kids can have the apparel before the first match.  Please note, the name can be printed on the back for an extra charge. (Uniforms have not been handed out so numbers are not available.)  If you have any issues with the link or questions, please call Rustic Dry Goods.

Thank you,

Laure Ragoss,  Athletic Director athleticdirector@efyork.org